Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Improve Communication and Intimacy Through Partner Yoga

We often think of yoga as a therapeutic or meditative practice. Yoga helps deepen the connection to our state of mind and our body. It is an opportunity to focus on breath and bodily alignment. But did you know yoga also helps to build stronger communication and intimacy with others, specifically through the practice of Partner Yoga?

Partner Yoga is a newly emerging practice, which involves two or more people joining together to practice yoga. Unlike partner-assisted yoga where one person is practicing yoga and other is assisting, Partner Yoga deepens the impact of yoga poses that are mutually beneficial.

For those individuals who choose to practice Partner Yoga with a friend or loved one, it is a great opportunity to connect with our partners to promote healthy relationships. By working with another individual, Partner Yoga helps bring our relational patterns into balance. We begin to sense a physical and spiritual awareness between our partners and ourselves.

Partner Yoga is an excellent way to interact and relate to our partners. This non-verbal practice requires couples to communicate through physical touch and support. In order to properly execute each posture, mutual trust must be established. This helps build greater intimacy and connection between couples.

If you are interested in trying Partner Yoga, visit your Vancouver Teacher Training Studio. Take our 2hr workshop and learn how to execute paired postures, practice Thai massage, and decompress with someone you care about. Feel free to come with a friend or alone. We are also offering a teacher training program starting May 4. Feel free to contact us for more information!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Foods That Improve Flexibility

Flexibility can greatly enhance a person’s quality of life. It improves physical performance by reducing the risk of injury, physical pain and joint discomfort. It also improves posture and increases range of motion. For years, researchers have advocated the importance of stretching for obtaining optimal flexibility. But did you know that certain foods in your diet could significantly improve your flexibility as well?

Water is so important for improving flexibility. Not only does water hydrate your body, it lubricates your joints, muscles and vital organs. Water is also responsible for detoxifying, helping organs absorb nutrients better and aiding with metabolism. By drinking more water, you can greatly enhance your overall flexibility, energy levels, and fitness results.

2.Green Leafy Vegetables
Due to the high water content found in leafy green vegetables, these foods can also improve flexibility. Adding greens such as kale, spinach, chard and collard greens into your everyday meals, is a great way to increase range of motion and muscular flexibility. In addition, leafy green vegetables are low in calories and contain important nutrients such as Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps protect bones from osteoporosis, protects from inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and helps prevent diabetes.

Another excellent option for improving flexibility is by practicing yoga. If you are interested in taking a yoga class, speak to a Vancouver Teacher Training professional. We offer a variety of yoga classes including core yoga, Yang and Yin, Vinyasa Flow, and Chakra. Not only will your flexibility increase, practicing yoga will improve your mental and physical health and provide you with a more balanced lifestyle. Feel free to contact us for more information.