Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Becoming a Yoga Teacher: The Positive Impact You Can Have on Your Students

Any form of teaching comes with great responsibility. As a Vancouver Yoga Instructor, you will have the power to influence your students in more ways than you might imagine. They will look to you to set a good example about how to lead a yoga lifestyle rather than simply learning how to master asanas. Additionally, if you have the right attitude and ability, you can facilitate student's spiritual and emotional growth while you also continue to learn.

Yoga is a lifestyle choice, and your students will expect you to be a healthy role model for them to follow. They will take heed of how you behave, what you say, and your teaching style. Thus, you need to take your position of authority seriously.

At the same time, remember that although you may be an instructor, you are also a perpetual student, since the lessons that yoga teaches do not stop just because you have a qualification. You will continue to gain self-awareness by observing how your students see you. Additionally, watching your students develop will inspire you to continue working on your own spiritual expansion.

Countless yoga teachers go into business with their eyes half shut. They fail to recognize that they are not simply required to teach asanas while going through the motions of being an enlightened being. The process of gaining an inkling of enlightenment is long, and your students will hope to observe your growth in motion next to their own, but on a greater level.

One of the biggest lessons your students will learn from you is about expanding awareness, internally and externally. Noticing their breath via exercises, gaining an understanding of their body and mind connection, and perceiving that they can control their senses are important elements of their yoga training. 

Being able to demonstrate your knowledge via your actions will mean that you can be an effective teacher. If you can display qualities that show how far you have come regarding your bond with the divine, you will inspire others to take yoga a step further than they might have had they not met you.

Being a yoga teacher is a gift, since you gain as much as you give. Your friendships with like-minded individuals will blossom as you begin to draw people to you who are on a similar life path. Consequently, as you develop professionally and personally, you will have more to give. You will obtain insight from fellow yoga teachers and students alike.

Many of your students will select you over various other instructors. They will feel as though they can learn more from you than they would from others. Knowing that you have been chosen, not just because of your skills at carrying out asanas, but also due to your personality and the vibes you are perceived to send is flattering. Doing yourself justice by giving your all will make the experience of being a yoga teacher extra special.

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