Sunday, 13 January 2013

3 Easy Ways to Fit Yoga into your Busy Day

 We all are aware of the health benefits of yoga. We know that yoga helps alleviate stress, allows us to improve fitness and strength, as well helps maintain a balanced lifestyle. However, finding time to fit yoga into our busy lives can sometimes be challenging. Fear no more! Here are three easy ways to make time for yoga in your hectic schedule.

1.     Set Realistic Goals.

Yoga practice doesn’t need to take hours of your day. Start small. Set a time limit that is realistic such as 15 or 20 minutes each day. While it may not seem like a lot of time for exercise, every minute counts and can add up to a lot.  An alarm clock is a good trick for sticking to your time goals as well.

2. Make Time for Yourself.

We all have busy lives—errands to run, kids to pickup, work to attend too…the list runs on.  However, you would be surprised how much time we actually waste in a day as well.  A quick Facebook check sometimes turns into five Facebook checks. An hour of television can become two. As a result, learning to properly time manage is very useful tool. Start by writing a calendar of your week’s activities. Break apart each day by writing every commitment and activity.  If having an hour of down-time after work is important for you, write it down and set time aside for it. By visually seeing your calendar and sticking to it, you would be surprised how much free time you can put aside for exercise.

3.     Have Fun!

Sometimes it is the thought of exercise that keeps us from practicing yoga. However, yoga can be fun. If it is peace and quiet you are looking for, set up a relaxing space in your home—void of any distractions. Use your twenty minutes to meditate and practice calming yoga.  Another option is to join a yoga course to meet other yoga enthusiasts. Making friends often makes people more accountable for attending classes.  You can also try mixing things up. Try different variations of yoga such as yang and yin yoga, partner yoga or chakra yoga.

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