Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Benefits of Corporate Yoga Practice

For workers everywhere, our troubled economy can often add a lot of stress to our already busy lives. Fear of budget cuts and downsizing are on the minds of many. Unfortunately, this constant worry can often have negative impacts including decreased productivity as well as interfering with our physical and mental health. However, aerobic exercise such as yoga, can significantly raise mood, increase energy, as well as relax our mind and body—all excellent tools for stress relief!

Controlled breathing is one of the key focuses of yoga practice. Learning to master this physical response is critical for alleviating stress and chronic anxiety. Yoga also increases self-confidence, which has been linked to lowering stress levels. Regular yoga practice enhances muscle definition, improves strength and stamina, as well as decreases body weight.

Some corporate businesses have also made an effort to incorporate yoga into the workplace. Studies have shown that regular exercise in the workplace dramatically improves job performance. Individuals who practice yoga at work are likely to be more productive and satisfied with their job and show more respect for their senior management. Mental and physical health is also more likely to improve.

While hiring a yoga professional or paying for an employee to become qualified to teach yoga at work may seem like a big financial investment, the overall impacts will be paid back in spades. Employee sick days and turnover rates are more likely to decrease with regular yoga exercise. Yoga will also provide employees with a cost-effective way to cope with stress and workplace challenges. In addition, corporate yoga practice makes the company look more attractive to potential employees.

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