Monday, 11 February 2013

Things to Consider When Buying Yoga Clothing

Proper yoga clothing is a wise investment if you plan on practicing yoga. Not only will you feel better, yoga clothing provides greater breathability and ease of movement when doing poses.

There are many styles of yoga clothing ranging from loose fitting outfits to tight spandex to tailor-made garments. There is no one better option, it really depends on what feels most comfortable and works best with your body shape.

One important thing to consider, however, is the clothing material. Unlike traditional heavy cotton fabrics, yoga clothing is often made of lightweight, breathable material. These fabrics allow for greater flexibility and comfort.

Another thing to consider when buying yoga clothing is the washing requirements of the fabric. It is important to choose clothing that can be easily washed. You don't want to be bothered with the expense of dry-cleaning. Invest in a good quality outfit; this will allow the garment to last longer and maintain its form and stretch.

Here is a list of a few yoga retail stores in the Lower Mainland. These stores offer a great selection of good quality yoga clothing that is sure to fit all shapes and sizes.

1. Lululemon
2. Lotusvive
3. Tonic
4. One Tooth Yoga
5. Lara Catherine Designs

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