Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Importance of Connecting With Nature

We cannot deny that British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. However, in our busy lives finding time to appreciate the great outdoors can sometimes be challenging.  But did you know that exposure to nature can help reduce stress, increase inner peace and compassion, as well as provide relaxation? Researchers have also proven that contact with Mother Nature is also important for child development.

Connecting with our natural environment doesn’t require going far distances.  If you live in an urban area, such as Vancouver, spend time outside in your backyard or at your local community park.  Instead of watching that hour of TV with your family every night, change it up and spend that time playing outdoors with your kids.  By getting fresh air and enjoying nature, your mental health and overall outlook on life will change dramatically.  

Another option for connecting with nature, is taking your yoga practice outdoors. This is a great option for combining your already scheduled yoga time with an opportunity to appreciate your natural surroundings. Outdoor yoga is an excellent way to reduce distractions you would normally find indoors or at the studio.  It is also a creative yoga class option for studios in the city.

If you are interested in improving your yoga practice or running your own yoga program, speak to your Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training studio. We are running a new teacher training program starting this week. If you are interested, there is still time to register. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! 

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