Monday, 4 February 2013

The Perfect Valentine's Day

For many couples Valentine’s Day often comes with a lot of added stress. Finding that perfect gift for your partner while staying within budget can often contribute to unnecessary anxiety.  But fear no more! Here are a few suggestions to make this Hallmark holiday romantic and stress-free for both you and your sweetheart.

1     Plan Ahead.
Speak with your partner about both of your expectations for Valentine’s Day. If money is an issue, set a budget. Discuss what you both would like the day to look like, this way you will avoid unnecessary stress and let go of any huge expectations.

2        Be Creative.
Everyone loves chocolate and flowers, but it is also fun to mix things up. Surprise your partner this year and give an unexpected homemade gift. This could be a mixed CD, an artisan craft from a local art market, a framed photo, or maybe some tasty homemade baking.  Not only are homemade gifts budget friendly, it is a great way to add a personal touch and show how much you care.

3     Go for an Experience!
Another option for Valentine’s Day is to give an experience rather than a gift.  This might include going out for dinner, or to a concert, or maybe a movie.  Another option may be arranging a unique day for the two of you such as a romantic getaway or a day at the spa.

Another creative idea would be to join Naked Truth’s Valentine’s Day couples yoga workshop. This is a perfect opportunity to get a little closer in a safe, playful and inviting atmosphere. This hour-and-a-half session will incorporate paired yoga postures, and the teachings of Thai message.  For more information on Naked Truth’s Couple Valentine’s Day Workshop visit Vancouver Teacher Training

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